About The Cards

Introduction and background

This particular journey began three years ago with the idea to produce a set of cards for primarily healing emotional issues. I have always been an emotional person and felt the need to produce something that would help others as well as myself. There are many excellent cards being produced, tarot, angel etc., and I did not know which form my cards would take, I only knew that they would be different and original.

I am blessed with some wonderful friends such as Annie C. One day while we were talking, she informed me that a guide, a spirit helper, was waiting to work with me to produce a set of cards. She had no idea that I was already contemplating this myself. The information she received was that ’Nature is God’s Temple’. So that very weekend, I sat down with shamanic music in the background and began to meditate. The floodgates opened and the information flowed through. Over the next two days, forty-eight images and their meanings came to me. Over many months I set about meticulously painting each of the images I had seen.

There are four sets of cards named ‘Foliage suite’, ‘Wildlife suite’, ‘Landscape suite’ and ‘Native American suite’ each containing twelve cards.

All of the images were ’nature’ orientated and to my surprise, twelve of those images were connected to Native Americans. My knowledge of the ‘Native American’ is limited but as synchronicity would have it, after I had finished painting the last of my images, I picked up a book about herbs and their uses.

In the introduction was a passage stating that the Native American tradition of herbal medicine means ‘living in harmony with nature’.

To the Native American, good health and healing (physically as well as emotionally) are intrinsically intertwined with the natural world around them.

Spirit is within every plant, creature and Mother Earth herself to bring harmony for all. I now knew the reason why they were included and why I had to paint ‘nature’ cards for ‘emotional healing’!

Although the ‘project’ has taken over three years to come to fruition I have enjoyed creating something which I hope you will find as enjoyable in their usage.

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... for emotional and spiritual wellbeing ...