Meditation CD

Three Spiritual Guided Meditations on one CD. 
A Gentle Journey to help you find Peace and Relaxation

Meditation CD from Keith - Annie's Nature Healing CardsThese meditations consist of live recordings of guided visualisations brought to you by Keith who has long experience in the art of allowing imagination and speech to guide the listener into a world of inner awareness.

The CD consists of three 20 minute meditations (voice and music) each starting with a short prayer and Tibetan singing bowls.

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Spiritual Meditation

In these meditations a short prayer and invocation is used prior to each meditation.

Meditation is different things to different people. You may find a going within, a utopia, a oneness, peace bringing, enlightenment, etc.. Whatever your concept you may find an understanding of self and this in turn will aid the understanding of others.

So why meditate? It is my opinion that meditation helps in equilibrium, a balancing of mind and body. It is a useful tool for stress release and lowering the blood pressure.  It helps understanding and enables one to focus. The more one meditates the greater the focus.

Where to meditate? Find a quiet place with no distractions, no phone or sudden noise, perhaps some soft music and subdued light. Listening to the sound of nature, in sunshine, whatever the individual wants. It is important not to be disturbed. In these guided meditations the recipient is gently taken into a relaxed state and later brought back to self awareness.

Why guided meditations? Some people find meditating and maintaining a focus ‘difficult’ because the mind wanders - which is normal, its what minds do. A guided meditation infuses the mind with pictures, words, sounds and stimulates the imagination aiding the focus to be maintained, shutting out the hum drum of our busy lives for a few minutes. It helps to relax and put at ease the one meditating. There is time in each meditation to ‘be’ for a few minutes. The journey within is the important aspect, not the visualisation - the visualisation assists the journey within.

Do not listen to this disk whilst driving, operating machinery etc..

... for emotional and spiritual wellbeing ...