Dear Annie and Keith, Thought you might like to hear this!! Remember Keith, on Thursday when we talked about 'always darkest before the dawn'. I had been trying to remember the wording the day before and you gave it to me when we met. Well, shuffled Annie's cards this morning and the card I was given was Rays of the Sun!! Thanks for it all.

Love L

Hi hope you are both well. I just wanted to tell you a little story - last week I was lucky enough to go on retreat to a wonderful stone barn near Totnes. I took your healing cards and over the week on three separate occasions I shuffled and cut the pack and each time drew the same card - the sun card! It was spot on. 


Hi Annie & Keith. Did an exercise at S and J’s circle on Thursday using Annie's cards and everybody was really impressed with the cards, so I have an order for 5 packs. The exercise I did with the cards was let a person choose a card for the person opposite, and then do a reading for that person (not using the book of meanings). The cards drawn and the readings were all received and accepted. One card that was drawn and looked a bit ominous was the one with the crow on, but apparently the person the card was drawn for has an Indian guide called black crow, and the message was very much from her guide. So everybody was really impressed with the cards and thought they were drawn beautifully and painted, so well done Annie!

Regards M

Hello. It was lovely to see you both last week at P and S's. What a lovely evening with L. I have to say your cards are fabulous and are so gentle. The art work is fantastic. I have been showing my cards to my friends who have all loved them. I have felt very drawn to them. I was wondering if it was possible to buy some more cards and if so where I can get them. S (who sends her love to you both) would like to buy a pack for P as a surprise for his Birthday in July, and a lady I work with (who has never been inspired to buy cards before) would love a pack for herself. We were also wondering if you were planning any workshops to show people to use your cards. Look forward to hearing from you.

Love L

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