We run workshops on various subjects from time to time. The workshops are intended to promote the enquiring mind to stretch out and experience where possible the oneness the universe has to offer.

Our workshops include:

The workshops are intended to be fun and inspirational. Workshops are normally held in the local North Bristol area, but we visit groups to suit if required.

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Dowsing History - 'Tools of the trade' - How does it work - Ethics - Use of Pendulum
Use of 'L' rods - Question Technique - Counting - Flower Remedies - Distant Dowsing
Chakra Balancing


Meditation - Connecting with spirit - building confidence to give evidential communication from the spirit world.


A two day workshop. Learn from the basics to more advanced and in depth understanding of the Tarot. History, interpreting cards and there relationship to a reading. Reading for yourself and others etc.

Reciprocal Readings

A get together to offer readings to each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Helping with confidence to 'give what you get'. Explore your talents using whatever method suits you from cards through ribbons to Mediumship.

Psychic Awareness

Meditation  -  Various exercises (including Psychometry, sand and ribbon readings, interpreting cards) to encourage and build confidence enabling you to give positive intuitive readings.

Psychic Art

You don't have to be an artist for this workshop just open minded. Have fun creating images on paper. Explore colours, auras, mandalas, and much more. Experiment in reading drawn pictures.

Trance Mediumship

Meditation - Inspirational speaking - exploring different states of awareness. Helping to connect to a 'guide' or 'helper' - philosophy and wisdom from the spirit world?


... for emotional and spiritual wellbeing ...